Transmission & Engine

V & H Bavaria Motors’ are one of the only individuals based in Sydney that specialise in Transmission and Engine problems. Our Key is to Diagnose, Repair and Rebuild engines and transmissions for all European Car Models. We take time and dedication for all our vehicles to be precisely and effectively fixed to make sure our customers are satisfied with the end results.

V & H Bavaria Motors have carefully handpicked advanced and experienced European Mechanical Specialist in Sydney: Vaskin and Harry that have a combined knowledge of over 45 years that will treat your car with care.

For a better understanding of the possible signs associated with a failed transmission, here is some useful information;

  • Slippage: This occurs when your vehicle speeds up, but the vehicle doesn’t respond to it.

  • Rough Shifting: Abrupt shifting between gears.

  • Irregular Shifting: Unpredictable shifts while driving.

  • Stains: heavy stains under the vehicle.

  • Irregular Sounds: Heavy sounds or vibrations of any type.

  • “Check Engine” Light: Lit light on the vehicle’s dashboard.

  • Fluid: Dirty transmission fluid is a sign of a potential transmission problem.

If experiencing any of these signs, it is important to make a booking with us as soon as possible so that we are able to sustain and fix the problem.

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